September 30, 2018

Thanks. Lots of times, Seeing AI tells me that the left edge isn't visible, but then it tells me no edges are visible, and nothing has moved! Technology! Still, the pictures are pretty good. Sometimes words are missing, but if I take it again, that usually helps. Going through papers should be a breeze now. Before I could never get the camera lined up, or I wasn't at the right hight. All that is solved now! Thanks!, AMY P.

November 12, 2017

When I received this contraption from Blind Mice, I was flabbergasted, thinking that Dale must have lost his mind.
Flemsy metal pieces apparently held together with ruber bands and wing nuts. After receiving a call from Dan this morning and follow his instructions, I was amazed.
I turned on my Seeing AI app and slipped some print under and wala, straight away it started reading.
I had some print that wouldn't fit my scanner for OpenBook but with this, slid it under the camera and read perfectly.
If you have a shakey hand like me, get it and read whatever you have to read.
Terrific!! I am going to look at getting Dan's Wooden model just for possible sturdiness but this model can certainly travel with me.
Thank you Dan

Mike R. Austin TX.

November 9, 2017
Hi there:
I hope I donít totally embarrass myself. Since your name and address was on the package containing the ďDanny BoyĒ device stand, I just wanted to compliment you on such a cool invention. That thing is amazing! It has enhanced my use of the Seeing AI app so much because Iíve always had a lot of trouble focusing the camera. Never being sighted, I donít really even understand fully the concept of focusing and camera placement. I know there are other such contraptions out there, but yours is so compact and storable. Keep up the good work, and if youíre not really the one who invented this miracle dooflickie, at least you have a atta boy, Danny to treasure. Warm regards, Mar (Marlene N., Camarillo, California

September 1, 2017
> This is a very handy and effective device. I'm very happy with it. I > just bought KNFB Reader and was just looking for a document stand when > I found it on Blind Bargains. Thanks a bunch, and I look forward to lots of scanning. > Take care, > Teresa C.

April 8, 2017

I have one of these stands designed for an iphone. The stand stands with four legs going to a brace at each end. The top of the stand is where the phone sits at a good hight for scanning mail docs etc. I used to use a cardboard stand but almost knocked that over more than keeping it upright this stand doesn't give me that issue
Kyle A. Sent from my iPhone

March 9, 2017 Hi Dan,
I just received the smart phone stand and I had no problem figuring out how it was supposed to work. Thank you.
Lynn A.