The device stand will come folded in the padded envelope fully closed.
Take the stand out of the package and find that there are 2 sets of legs attached on either end of the tray with cross bars across the bottom of the legs.
The first thing to do is to remove the rubber bands from around the wing nuts at both ends of the tray.
Then, while holding the stand by the middle tray facing up, take the bottom set of legs on one side of the tray and pull down to the table or flat surface while holding the tray suspended in the air cupped upright.
This set of legs will only come down perpendicular to the tray and not swing around the tray.
Take the other set of legs, in the same manner, and swing them all the way around the tray to bring them down to the table to support the other side.
You will tighten the wing nuts on all 4 corners of the stand, securing both sets of legs straight down on each side from the tray to the table.
The result should look like a bridge that will be used to cup and hold your device above your item or document.
With the wing nuts tightened, the two sets of legs can easily be adjusted and moved to a squared, upright, bridge position, making sure that the wing nuts are secure for the stand to be stable.

The tray has a rail mounted with wing nuts in the middle position for most common devices and you may be able to use it the way it comes,
but the tray will accommodate devices as wide as 3 3/8 inches wide, such as an IPhone 7+ by taking off the rail completely with the 2 wing nuts at the bottom of the tray.
The tray will also hold devices as narrow as 2 inches with the rail inserted and mounted in the inner holes with the wing nuts.
This means that most all devices, such as IPhones, Androids, etc., will cradle in the tray viewing the below document.

When the stand is fitted correctly for your device, place the stand on a flat surface, then find the notch cut into the side rail for your device camera, so that the camera has full view of the document below.
You can now use the app of your choice with your device suspended above your item or document.